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Green Holidays_Lake Como

Green Holidays means discovering the territory culture and nature, here is your chance to know a different side of Lake Como, the one linked to art and local artist. Friday 3rd April 2015 visit Palazzo Gallio, in Gravedona, attend the beautiful exhibition The soul of the Material by scultor Elvino Motti and if you are visiting at Easter don’t miss the traditional Camellia Exibition.

Thanks to its geographical position, Lake Como developed a diverse and profound culture, which in every epoch has made the most of wisdom gained from contact with a great variety of populations, thereby stimulating the creation of many fascinating works of art.

The Lake Como area has a great variety of landscapes dotted with settlements and towns that are a testimony of human creativity: splendid villas immersed in centuries-old parks, architectural examples of extraordinary artistic and religious value,archaeological findings and ancient settlements, fortifications and castles. Historic and cultural treasures are kept in a variety of museums.

Lake Como is still a remarkable place where local artists and artists from all over the world feel inspired and sometimes decide to move to.

Visit Gravedona is working to enlighten this aspect of the Lake organising exhibitions. Last year there was The Spanish art at Palazzo Gallio: Goya etchings, lithographs by Picasso and paintings by Josè Molina.

This April there will be The soul of the Material,the exhibition will stay open until the the 3rd of May
Opening and welcome Friday 3/04 time: 17.00
The exhibition will be open even during the Camellia exhibition ( Easter Sunday and Easter Monday)

green holidays Lake Como artists sculptor Motti

The Artist Elvino Motti

Elvino Motti was born in Dosso del Liro (Como) in 1952 and now lives and works in Gravedona , he believes that sculpture is an art you have inside, that is inside yourself and it is difficult to become sculptors from nothing. Elvino Motti was young when he started, he attended the Istituto d’Arte and then the Accademia di Brera.

The material Elvino prefers is stone, above all because he can have a direct relationship with the work during all phases. Elvino believes the study of minerals, the study of nature, the deep knowledge and the competence in using techniques he has lead him to evaluate from the beginning the result he can achieve.

A very important consideration for the artist is that a work involves of all the senses, including touch, which emphasizes the emotional impression of a piece itself, during the exhibition this aspect can be experimented.

To see Elvino Motti calendar please download the file: ELVINO MOTTI EVENTS 2015

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Photo: Altolario.info

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