Monuments and Churches

Among several beautiful churches, there are:

San Vincenzo, built around 1000 with the original crypt, two inscriptions from the 6th century and an elegant golden cross;

The church of S. Maria delle Grazie, built in a panoramic position, is richly frescoed with impressive paintings of the Renaissance Lombard school.

The romantic church of Santi Gusmeo e Matteo, surrounded by a large garden of plane trees, with many paintings, the most important decorative intervention is a fresco by “Fiammenghino”.

In an isolated part of the town we find the impressive construction of Palazzo Gallio, that dominates the whole panoramic lakefront. This palace was ordered in 1580 by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, it is square shaped with four solid corner towers and has overhanging balconies open out towards the lake and towards the mountains offering a breathtaking view.