Residence Villa Paradiso is committed to environmental protection and sustainability and is developing a green program to get the EU Ecolabel Certification.

Villa Paradiso Family is aware that tourism is a human activity with the highest environmental impact, and that only through a meticulous respect for the environment for future generations will be able to ensure the use of an enchanting land in the Upper Lake Como, with remarkable natural landscapes protected by nature reserves and parks.

We are committed to reduce our impact on the environment, using the best technology and common sense, focusing our efforts on:
- The reduction of energy consumption and the use of energy from 100% renewable sources;
- Reducing the use of detergents and disinfectants;
- The promotion of alternative mobility (guaranteeing the free use of bicycles, which are available at the property);
- The involvement of the staff and guests in the application of best practice in the environmental management of the facility;
- Management as efficient as possible.

Our commitment is expressed in our choices:
- High energy efficiency of the structure (building class A);
- Selecting an electricity supplier that guarantees the origin 100% from renewable sources;
- Heating the pool water with solar panels and keeping it warm through a special covering;
- Use of a home automation system that allows us to optimize the management of the plant and to reduce consumption of energy, combined with timers and sensors for the lights;
- Use of systems to reduce the consumption of potable water (taps and mixers at reduced capacity, combined with timers);
- Reduction in the use of detergents and disinfectants, consistent with the hygiene requirements related to the activities;
- Collaboration with the local community-oriented projects aimed at encouraging the development of sustainable tourism destination;
- Collaboration in the development and promotion of programs that enable a tourism closer to the values of the territory and its environmental richness;
- Creation of a network of local tour companies who share the environment, a prerequisite for its activity.