Active holidays – Bike friendly itineraries on Lake Como

active holidays - bike friendly itineraries Lake Como

Are you looking for active holidays suggestions? Our goal at Residence Villa Paradiso is to make our lovely guests happy, which is why we are working with the local tourism associations to present a unique area with a wide range of sports and activities not only lake based, but also related to our wonderful mountain territory rediscovering our local traditions through ancient paths, picturesque corners and especially through the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

The working group (Visit Gravedona, Promo Domaso and Visit Dongo) is continuing the collaboration and other travel operators as well as municipal administrations in the Alto Lario were involved in autumn 2014 with three main objectives:

1) Extend the path network of mid mountain from Dongo to Sorico, with the aim of providing signed paths and mule tracks that do not have them, click here to learn more;
2) Locate the Mountain Bike paths and cycle routes in order to increase the offer sports for tourists staying in Alto Lario (northern side of Lake Como);
3) Extend the concept of coordinated graphic in terms of maps and printed brochures in order to obtain uniformity among the towns of the Alto Lario.

All the paths are practicable. In collaboration with CAI Dongo (Italian Alpine Club) the working group is equipping the paths with information (travel time, tracking GPS tracks, inspections for positioning signs) and is including them on the same map.

Bike friendly routes are:
– Cycle track Dongo – Sorico
– MTB itinerary Gravedona – Dangri
– MTB itinerary Gravedona “Giro del Sasso Pelo”
– MTB itinerary  Gravedona, Bodone, Alpe Paregna – Colmen
– MTB itinerary Dongo – S. Jorio
– MTB itinerary Domaso – Vercana – Trezzone – Gera Lario
– MTB itinerary Sorico, Albonico, Peschiera, Brentalone, Albonico, Dascio, Sorico
– MTB itinerary Gera Lario, Bugiallo, St. Bartolomeo, Alpe di Mezzo, Alpe Gigiai, Montalto, Montemezzo, Gera Lario
– MTB itinerary bike path Gera Lario, Sorico, Ponte del Passo, Dolo

When will the maps be ready?
The maps in use in Gravedona and Domaso are updated. In the next reissue will be add the mountain bike itineraries, bike paths and more hiking routes. When already printed materials in 2014 will finish, we will proceed to reprint the updated material.

We look forward welcoming you!!

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