Green holidays & wellness on Lake Como

Green holidays & wellness on Lake Como - spa

Speaking about green holidays we shared about our green practices, the opportunity to be candidate for the EU Ecolabel and the efforts we made and still are making to improve walking, hiking and biking paths to offer a safe and beautiful place to live outside for the residents and active holidays to our guests. We also spoke about the importance of being bikefriendly and petfriendly and how proud we are to have among our citizens great artists, who with passion and ability are representing Gravedona and Lake Como in Italy and world wide. We cannot forget  to mention the change that is happening in many people, a desire of green living is the main reason why the tourism sector is also changing so quickly. A part from organic products and green practices, having a style of life closer to the rhythmn of nature , more relaxed and livable (allowing you understand your limits and take a pause where it is needed) which is more sustainable, is what is needed to survive in a always fast and faster world where you are required to work more, to  run, to be efficient. At Residence Villa Paradiso we are fully coherent with this vision for green living, even more so in our Wellness & Hair Spa where you can relax (soft sauna, steam bath, emotion showers, tea corner & relaxation area  or music & aroma therapy) and try our featuring massages and treatments to hair and sculp with certified organic products. Products: Naturalmente by ARTEC The philosophy of the Naturalmente line by ARTEC is taking care of people, through the use of cosmetics derived from botanicals renewable and sustainable cosmetics formulated with pure aromas of plants and flowers, cultivated organic farming and agriculture dynamics, offering services in Aromatherapy for helth hair and skin. The crops are organic and biodynamic, both methods are inserted into sustainable projects that do not use synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or invasive treatments for the land and the plant. The regime of energy they use in the operation of the machines that produce cosmetics comes from a wind power plant in Pontedera, Tuscany and geothermal energy plant Lardarello in Tuscany too. These energy sources are sustainable and renewable low emission of CO2 They have banned substances such as silicones, parabens, petroleum and derivatives, artificial colours, sls, peg, nickel. They  chose to become certified Qualità Reale (Real Quality). Through this certification they want to enhance and communicate the real product quality by providing the necessary information and certify their authenticity by an independent body. All verified information will be present, and updated in real time, in a specific web container. harmony Gravedona From 8th to 14th June 2015, join us at the second edition of the Harmony Festival Lake. The theme chosen summarizes the pursuit of wellness with love and respect for the environment: in harmony with the Earth and life inside and surrounding us. The program: -          Conferences and insights of high ethical and cultural in honor of Earth -          Wellness Therapists available to guests -          Concerts -          Theater, dance and music shows -          Activities for soul searching and creativity -          International guests -          More than 30 exhibitors   Are you ready to relax? Email-usfacebook_logo

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